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Promotion of bicycle

Hartmut Ortlieb was inspired to produce waterproof bicycle panniers during a cycling holiday in England. Isn’t this enough proof for our high interest in sustainable promotion of cycling? We support campaigns, associations and organizations promoting the use of this fantastic transport means protecting our climate and making traffic more human. ORTLIEB has been supporting the initiative of the German Bicycle Association ADFC and the German health insurance AOK “Cycling to Work” (“Mit dem Rad zur Arbeit”) since 2004 as well as similar international campaigns such as “Bike to Work” in Switzerland.

ORTLIEB was the first company in northern Bavaria awarded by the German Cycling Association ADFC as “Bicycle-Friendly Company”. We realized a number of measures with the objective to make the bicycle more attractive as means of transport. Our employees may use a bicycle pool including various bike models as test bikes, and we also support the purchase of new bicycles, offer leasing models and support bicycle maintenance and checks. There is a bike workshop and parking for bicycles on our company premises. Learn more about ORTLIEB’s promotion of bicycles here.

certificate promotion of bicycle

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